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What makes an effective website?

What makes an effective website?

Is your website putting a barrier between your audience and your message? You want your audience to hear your message. That's why you have a website. Maybe it's a product you're selling (if you're a business), or a message of salvation (if you're a church), or an explanation of your organization's goals (if you're a non-profit).

That's why you have a website. If nobody sees your website, it's not doing its job. More than just a box to check, a truly effective website reaches people.

Common Barriers:

1. Long website load times

If your website takes a long time to load, visitors will go elsewhere.

2. Disorganized content

If your website is hard to navigate, visitors will go elsewhere.

3. Confusing editing experience

Finally, the lifeblood of your website will be new content, and if your backend platform is difficult to use, your volunteers or employees will not be able to keep the website up to date like they need to.

SEO crawlers are prioritizing three major areas: your site's load time, your site's ease of use on mobile, and your site's original content. If your site loads quickly, is usable on a phone, and has a great deal of original content, you're setting yourself up for organic SEO success.

Mere’s Formula for Effectiveness

  1. The site’s load time
    1. Lightning-fast website load times
    2. Unsurpassed site stability and security
    3. ADA-compliant code maximizes organic search engine performance
  2. The resource library’s organization
    1. Powerful tools to manage and organize your content easily
    2. Easy-to-use editing experience supports your site goals
    3. Create intentional, visually pleasing landing pages with no code experience
  3. The content editor’s experience
    1. Our craft is about creating a purposeful interface for your content
    2. Highly organized, indexable, searchable library
    3. Flexible, modern designs that are tuned to meet your organization’s goals

Your website is only effective if it presents your message in a way that serves your goals.

Not “do more” but “do better.” Nobody wants an invisible website that won't be seen by anyone.